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Keinyo White has been named RealArtDC Finalist #9. There is an article about him in the Post Metro section today. He is a successful artist, painter, and illustrator.  Keinyo now lives in New Zealand, but he also has a studio here in DC where he grew up and attended Burke. His portraiture is amazing!

Self Portrait

Check it out.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/17/AR2010091703680.html

Find out more about his art on his website at www.keinyowhite.com.

Congrats to Keinyo!


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This summer the featured exhibition at the National Building Museum is, LEGOs!!                                                                                                              According to the website: “Piece by piece, brick by brick, this (Adam Reed Tucker) LEGO Certified Professional (one of 11 worldwide) creates large-scale artistic models of some of the world’s most famous structures including the Empire State Building, St. Louis’ Gateway Arch, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Fallingwater. The simplicity and nostalgic quality of LEGO affords viewers a new, detailed look at familiar buildings. Visitors can lean in close to see the complexity of a building’s intricate design and engineering or take a step back to appreciate its stunning sculptural form in full.”

“Trained as an architect, Tucker rekindled his childhood interest in LEGO® bricks and began experimenting with LEGO as a medium for his art in 2003. The result of his vision—15 buildings from around the world made entirely from LEGO bricks—will be the centerpiece of the exhibition LEGO® Architecture: Towering Ambition.”

Go Check out this pretty freekin cool exhibition at the National Building Museum, running now through Sept. 5, 2011 (yea, you have a lot of time)

More Info on this Exhibition here

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Isn’t complete without the invasion of FRINGE.

What’s FRINGE? well it’s a worldwide performing arts festival that happens in 24 states and 60 countries throughout the year. (see the full list of festivals in the US HERE)

Fringe Festivals feature new, innovate work by both established theatre artists and folks just starting out. There are musicals, comedies, dramas, dance/movement, music, spoken word, improv shows, and more. All of the fringe performances cost the same amount ($15) and it’s guaranteed that everyone will find a show that interests them.

In DC, Fringe is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year! With 133 different shows happening all around Downtown DC, this is a festival that you can’t miss!! Check out the shows HERE.

I know – the list of shows is daunting. How do you figure out what to see? what’s good? what’s going to be bad? Who cares! it’s only $15. That’s what’s great about fringe – you can discover a new talented artist/group or experience something bad, either way you’ve not spent much money, and you’ve gotten the chance to support folks trying something new for them, and see something you wouldn’t see everyday yourself. Be the first to see a breakout show that everyone’s going to be clamoring to get in to.

Check out shows like: Super Claudio Bros., The New Video Game Musical, iSchool Musical, How to Be a Human, Cookin’ Up Numbers, or Assembly Required: How to Write, Produce and Stage a Musical – The Musical! and many, many, many, more.

Not sure what to see? There will be many reviews of the shows posted in places like THE WASHINGTON POST , DC THEATRE SCENE and WASHINGTON CITY PAPER. They will each have special fringe sections once the festival kicks off on July 8th. I’ll also post some shows you can’t miss on the blog.

Fringe is just two weeks away – so find some shows that interest you, pick up some tickets- and be prepared for 3 weeks of over 600 performances in and around downton dc!

PS: The idea of the Fringe Festival began in Edinburgh in 1947, where the biggest festival around the world is still held. Check out more of the Fringe History Here.

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Eye of the Beholder

My iPhone pics don’t do justice to all of the great artwork that fills the Burke halls and open spaces for the Art Showcase.  So, if you haven’t already, make your way over there this week to look through windows into other beautiful and strange worlds.  Bravo to Maureen, Allen, Lucinda and Cory for helping to pull the  show together.  Click to see more photos  at BurkePix.

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One of the many great things about last month’s auction was all the great artwork that was made by students, staff and parents for the event.  High on the cool quotient was the collection of ‘reconditioned’ cowboy boots – which were done by an assortment of Burke artists.  H/T to Maureen O’ for helping with the project.  Some of the boots are still on display at Burke.  Others were auctioned off for a pretty penny.  If you missed ’em, you can take a look at a few here and BurkePix:

Boots from Dalmatia

Italian leather and hipster boots

Winged boots

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Shredding Guitar

Not sure that Les Paul had this in mind when it comes to playing a Gibson.  I don’t know whether I more enjoyed watching how the definitions of art, music and ornithology get mixed up in this video – or just the simple pleasure of seeing green grass after all this dang snow.

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MS Play Students Hard At Work

For the past two thursdays, the entire cast of “A Wrinkle In Time” (the middle school play) have been working furiously painting the set, building furniture, creating doors, painting a large mural on the back wall of the theatre, and getting the theatre ready for the show! All of the cast members have had a hand in the tech end this time around, and it’s been a great successes!  (apologies for the slightly blurry photos, there were taken from my iphone)

I’ve also posted a few shots from today’s rehearsal. Check them all out here: Burke Pix

Stay tuned for more shots throughout the tech process through opening next Friday!

Purchase Your Tickets here: Tickets

Interesting Fact: A team of students actually created the mural on the back wall based on some art work from Peter Max – They used his color schemes and integrated them into ideas from the story of “A Wrinkle In Time”. Can you figure out what everything means?

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