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Food & Friends is a non-profit that makes and delivers food for people across a spectrum of special dietary needs. They prepare and deliver 1500 meals a day in DC, with the help of dozens of volunteers, including kids from Burke. Burke is F&F’s longest partner with a formal service learning program, serving the organization. We’ve been with them for 11 years.

Thursday, our 7th graders had the first of four visits to F&F. Along for the driving were Abby’s mom Trudy Vincent, Zach W’s mom Mary Karol Cline, and math teacher extraordinaire Judy Hill. There were groups there also from UW Madison, and Denision Universities. Our crew was set on deliveries while others worked in the kitchen and food packaging.

I had the privilege of driving for a crack crew of deliverers, Esme, Lily, and Charlie. They did all the work, the strategizing, the directions-following, the paperwork, the who gets which packaging figuring, the apartment intercom system hacking, and the people contact. I managed DC traffic, construction diversions, and one-way streets. I have some pride in my knowledge of DC streets, but my crew could have done all of this with no adult help. Well done kids!

If you get the chance to go along with the Burke students to Food & Friends, do it. It’s a great thing to do. And, as Esme said, “this is really fun!”


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Recently in Assembly David S. showed the school this video that Ellen DeGeneres made about the recent rash of Gay suicides, and GLBT bullying in schools/colleges.

You can read more about these events and the political backlash here…(an associated press article)

I won’t preach about why this is happening, or comment on the sadness of all these events, but instead, I wanted to share a great resource for GLBT Youth, and a place you could donate time or money if you wanted a way to help, or to honor the memory of those we’ve lost in the recent weeks.

The Trevor Project (http://www.thetrevorproject.org/) is an amazing resource. They have a 24 hour / 7 day a week lifeline:

There’s also great resources for suicide prevention, warning signs, lots of local resource information, as well as educational tools, and ways that anyone can volunteer there time or donate money.

As these suicides are making front page news, think about ways, large or small, that you can help make this a safe and loving place for all GLBT youth to live and grow up in.

If these words weren’t convincing enough, here’s some celeb’s plugging the trevor project:

and finally, a video that tells you a little bit about what the trevor project is, and what they do:

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Our 9th grade!

Last Friday, the whole 9th grade class got together to learn about one of DC’s coolest parks while helping clean it up. Working with Parks and People at their Riverside Center, students learned about DC history while putting in some focused work outside. The 9th grade Service Learning programs asks students to reflect on their environment and how they can impact their communities through green living and their carbon footprint. Thanks to the 9th grade team of advisors and parents for a great day of learning and service!

Check out the brick wall from Marvin Gaye’s house!

Click here to check the 100 great(!) photos at BurkePix or just click here to go right to the Slideshow!

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Keinyo White has been named RealArtDC Finalist #9. There is an article about him in the Post Metro section today. He is a successful artist, painter, and illustrator.  Keinyo now lives in New Zealand, but he also has a studio here in DC where he grew up and attended Burke. His portraiture is amazing!

Self Portrait

Check it out.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/17/AR2010091703680.html

Find out more about his art on his website at www.keinyowhite.com.

Congrats to Keinyo!

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Today, the executive director of DC SCORES is begining a fundraising campaign by juggling a soccer ball NON STOP from 7am-7pm until they reach their goal of 130,000.

DC SCORES is an after school program for 700 students at 23 DC public and public charter elementary and middle schools. featuring teamwork, leadership, and commitment carried out daily in a program model where students participate in soccer, poetry, service-learning, and homework help.

She’s at the corner of 8th/Mst – go check her out or You can view a live feed here!

Help them out and donate – by either CLICKING HERE to donate online or check out theirwebsite for how you can be a part of the campaign by kicking the ball around yourself!

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Yesterday, as a warm-up to the fast advancing World Cup, Burke held its first annual El Mundialito Soccer Championship 2010.  As you can see from the photos below and at BurkePix, there were several teams wearing the colors of powerful soccer nations, including Brazil, France, Netherlands and Lichtenschlang. You had players of all grades, sizes and ages (including one who’s age was – as Jack Benny said – 39).

The current results and standings are posted below.  The Playoffs, featuring Brazil v Netherlands and Ivory Coast v Madagascar, will be held next week.  The Burke Athletic Regional Football Society Commissioner, Chris Richardson, will announce the day/time shortly.

El Mundialito Results

El Mundialito (Disputed) Standings

Close knit El Mundialito team

El Mundialito Commish

Brazil Played the Beautiful Game


Pink Attacks!


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Our second senior is Lena Walker, who is doing amazing fieldwork/research exploring education and special needs. Here’s her update:

I’ve been meeting some (super) cool people.  And I’ve been getting to know a lot about autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities by talking and meeting with parents and students and teachers, and by spending time with researchers.

I’ve spent most of my time at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, with my Great Aunt Martha Denckla (she’s a research scientist there, and a professor of Neurology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the nearby JHU medical school.)  I’ve sat in on conferences full of (difficult!) scientific talk and (crazy-freaky) statistical language (hi Rachel!)  But everything is really so fascinating once it starts to make sense (Oh, and there’s some good free food.)

Today, Martha was teaching JHU students how to test for executive functioning.  She discussed an interesting case of a young boy who was initially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but was later diagnosed with minor ADHD and tourette’s (a VERY unusual case…)  Anyway, I’ll have lots to talk about for my presentation. Missing Burke, and can’t wait to see everyone soon.

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