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IMG_8956Elvis Presley had his blue suede shoes.  Elvis Costello’s were red.  And Justin T-M (’13) has his shoes of gold that he wore to the Burke Graduation this past Sunday.

Golden shoes have glittered throughout history.  From the 2500 year old gold shoes that were discovered in the tomb of a Celtic Chieftain, to the golden racing cleats worn by US Sprinter Michael Johnson when he won gold at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

Which bring us to the Talaria, or golden, winged sandals worn by the Greek deity, Hermes, messenger of the gods.   Borne by his flying, gold shoes, Hermes was the god of transitions and boundaries.  He moved between the worlds of the mortal and divine, living and dead, and among travelers, shepherds, orators, thieves, athletes, poets, inventors and traders.

So, gold shoes at a graduation make more than just sartorial sense.  Graduation is really just a waypoint, a transition from one time and place to others, some as yet unknown.  And as the graduates of 2013 set out to cross boundaries from one world to another (and then others), hopefully they remember to pack their own Talaria to help them in their travels — the love of learning, curiosity, creativity in the fields they pursue, and the ability, like Hermes, to be an emissary on behalf of others and for themselves.

And in the spirit of Hermes, here is one last message, on behalf of those who attended the Graduation – a golden thank you to all of the parent volunteers who created the lovely Olympian bacchanalia that followed the graduation, including Maria Alvarez, Mamie Bittner, Angela Campbell, Darlene Como, Jessie Degryse, Olympia DeRosa, Donna and Peter Donnellan, Addison Greenwood, Judith Krones, Nancy Markus, Susan Okun, Cathy Osman, Joe Palca, Greta Rosenzweig, Bruce Speigel, Diane Thompson, Roberta Ujakavich, Joe Vellioux, Ellen Wilson, (breath…) and, of course, Sherri Jones, who led the entire effort with her usual aplomb and all-purpose talaria!


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Putting on a big holiday party tonight – means bringing out the heavy machinery and the right artists to make it happen, like Lucinda and Mel.  Thanks to them and to all the faculty, parents and students who are making the Burke Holiday Party the place to be tonight!

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Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

Two Burke stars, Jennifer & still-recent arrival Ryan, lookin’ good in stripes (from the sun) and kickin’ back after a grueling breakfast meeting at the Metro Diner. Jen returns to the Development Office in January.  Before then, keep a look-out for some possible cameo appearances by Jen, Ryan, Ellie & Christian (if you’re nice and not naughty – they might even fly in for this Thursday’s Holiday Party).


A special thanks goes out to another star, Geralyn Lobel, who has more than held down the fort in the development office.  The parent of a Burke alumna, former development co-director, and always a relentless supporter of Burke in all ways, Geralyn came through again over the last 3 months+ in so many ways – including: helping the development trains run on time, orchestrating this year’s 100 Percent in 100 Days Annual Fund Campaign, organizing meetings between all new families and Andrew, supporting the early work on this Spring’s Auction, pulling together another great Grandparents Day, etc., etc., dayenu!  Along with Cathy Collins and Abby Kernan-Schloss, Geralyn has helped make sure that Burke development has continued to grow in a way that reflects the values of the community and insures that the school can continue to pursue its missions of academic achievement, diversity, personal growth, and service.

Thanks Geralyn!

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Friday Night Lights


Let the trumpets sound:

Let the food be prepared:

Let the people assemble:

And let the Games begin:

For last Friday was the Homecoming Doubleheader for the Varsity Boys & Girls Soccer squads – as well as all of their loyal fans.  There were two great matches with a beautiful Fall sky colored by a setting sun on one side of the field – and a raucous crowd of Burke fans on the other.

Everyone came out, including – soccer hooligans:

Women of great stature

Men of great stature:

The runners:

The up & comers:

The movers & shakers:

The coaches:

The coach’s puppy:

And the players:

In fact, just about the entire Burke community:

Also, special bravos go to all the many people who pitched in, including Elena Hernandez, Nancy Golding, Diz Hormel, Monica Miracky, Vanessa White, Hal and Dawn Hiemstra, Thorne Rankin, Lisa Carr, Tina Chen, Beth Allaben, Wanda Cosmo, Mike Carr, and especially the Varsity Boys Soccer Team for hazmat cleanup duty under the bleachers – which got a good housekeeping stamp of approval from Coach McQ!

Lots more photos at BurkePix.

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Ryan Thomas!

Jennifer Rawlings, the Edmund Burke Director of Development, just added a very new staff member to her office.  Ryan Thomas (Burke class of 2028) just arrived.  As you can see by the photo taken on his first day on the job with his uncle, he’s a bit young and not very experienced yet.  But, he’s guaranteed to bring a lot of energy, passion, boyish charm and good looks to the job (all of which will make it impossible for us to not say yes to his appeals – development and otherwise!).

Mazel tov and congratulations to Jen, Christian and Elle (the senior, junior member of the staff)!!!!

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The Capital Fringe Festival is back, in full swing from now until July 24.  Never been?  Not sure what it is?  Well, it’s simple:  Fringe provides all artists, whether new or established, a venue to express and develop their talents and artistic visions in total freedom.

And it’s a lot: last year Fringe sold 28,000 tickets to 715 performances of 137 productions, featuring over 2,000 artists at 12 venues located around the Mt. Vernon, Chinatown, and Penn Quarter neighborhoods.

Time to get - Frank

And this year, for all us Bengals, there’s an extra, not-so-fringe treat: Our own Cory Frank, former Burke Performing Arts Director, has his own video blog, the Daily Dose, with an every day who, what, where, when about the not-so-every-day events at the Cap Fringe….As  Cory says:  “It’s time to get — Frank” and check out the Fringe:

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The Davids!

A Constellation of Celebrities Filled The Theater

On June 10, 2011 the firmament was filled, from horizon-to-horizon, with a brilliant galaxy of Burke celebrity constellations who gathered together to celebrate The Davids!  450 Burke students, alums, faculty, parents, friends and family came from across the country, representing our past, present and future.  They appeared in their glowing gowns, tuxes, suits and jeans, for a night of song, dance, stories, film, laughter and tears (but mostly laughter).  All to celebrate Burke, the last 12 years of dedicated work and growth by our faculty and staff, and, of course, to honor the retirement of David Shapiro: our very own Oscar winning Buster Keaton, Judy Garland, Cecil B. DeMille, Gloria Swanson, Groucho/Chico/Harpo Marx – we could go on (as could he).  But, I’ll be brief:

The night featured:


... And the David Goes to Walter Ailes!

And The David Goes to David Dulaney!

In Honor of Robbie - Queen of Faires!

In Honor of Tamara Prince


Stacy - "To Sir With Love"

Julie Halston - "A Comedy Tonight"

Rick Foucheux - "The Rainbow Connection"

Thew - "What I Did For Love"

And Dance

The Burkettes

Scott Kenison & Julie Halston - "So Long Dearie"


Andy Klingenstein - "Thaaat's David!"

Jeremy Edwards - The Anthropology of David?

Amy Cataldo - The Science of David?

Walter Ailes

Former Co-Heads, Dick Roth and Jean Mooskin (camouflaged)

The Sunset Boulevard Award

Presented by Marilyn Milloy (the beautiful & wonderful)

And The Winner Is!!!!

And Did We Mention… Celebrities On the Red Carpet

Bonnie & Clyde

The Matrix

The Truffaut Familie

Charlie's Angels

Bond... James Bond

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

La Cage aux Folles



Jerry McGuire

The Social Network

And The David Goes to… Who Else?

There are 100’s more great photos, courtesy of Burke Parent and professional photographer, Lise Metzger, at BurkePix.  Go check it out – and find a picture of you or your second most favorite Burke Celebrity.

Thanks to EVERYONE who help create, stage, present and attend The Davids…. (more on this later).

And, in honor of David, Burke and everything that the faculty, staff and students have done over the last 12 years, please give generously to Burke’s future by giving to the David Fund.  If you haven’t already, you can make a donation today by clicking here.

Finally, to David, Love Schmendrake:

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