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The Davids!

A Constellation of Celebrities Filled The Theater

On June 10, 2011 the firmament was filled, from horizon-to-horizon, with a brilliant galaxy of Burke celebrity constellations who gathered together to celebrate The Davids!  450 Burke students, alums, faculty, parents, friends and family came from across the country, representing our past, present and future.  They appeared in their glowing gowns, tuxes, suits and jeans, for a night of song, dance, stories, film, laughter and tears (but mostly laughter).  All to celebrate Burke, the last 12 years of dedicated work and growth by our faculty and staff, and, of course, to honor the retirement of David Shapiro: our very own Oscar winning Buster Keaton, Judy Garland, Cecil B. DeMille, Gloria Swanson, Groucho/Chico/Harpo Marx – we could go on (as could he).  But, I’ll be brief:

The night featured:


... And the David Goes to Walter Ailes!

And The David Goes to David Dulaney!

In Honor of Robbie - Queen of Faires!

In Honor of Tamara Prince


Stacy - "To Sir With Love"

Julie Halston - "A Comedy Tonight"

Rick Foucheux - "The Rainbow Connection"

Thew - "What I Did For Love"

And Dance

The Burkettes

Scott Kenison & Julie Halston - "So Long Dearie"


Andy Klingenstein - "Thaaat's David!"

Jeremy Edwards - The Anthropology of David?

Amy Cataldo - The Science of David?

Walter Ailes

Former Co-Heads, Dick Roth and Jean Mooskin (camouflaged)

The Sunset Boulevard Award

Presented by Marilyn Milloy (the beautiful & wonderful)

And The Winner Is!!!!

And Did We Mention… Celebrities On the Red Carpet

Bonnie & Clyde

The Matrix

The Truffaut Familie

Charlie's Angels

Bond... James Bond

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

La Cage aux Folles



Jerry McGuire

The Social Network

And The David Goes to… Who Else?

There are 100’s more great photos, courtesy of Burke Parent and professional photographer, Lise Metzger, at BurkePix.  Go check it out – and find a picture of you or your second most favorite Burke Celebrity.

Thanks to EVERYONE who help create, stage, present and attend The Davids…. (more on this later).

And, in honor of David, Burke and everything that the faculty, staff and students have done over the last 12 years, please give generously to Burke’s future by giving to the David Fund.  If you haven’t already, you can make a donation today by clicking here.

Finally, to David, Love Schmendrake:


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The Davids Headliners!

Look at the celebrities (really) who are performing at tomorrow’s DAVIDS!!

Julie Halston

Our show host is the funny and talented Julie Halston, star of stage, screen and video.  On television Julie has starred in: Sex and the CityLaw & Order, My So-Called Life, etc. Her film credits include A Very Serious Person, The Juror, Addams Family Values, and Woody Allen films Small Time Crooks and Celebrity. On the New York stage she was in: The Women, Twentieth Century, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Hairspray, and has been nominated for Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play. She is also a 4 time MAC award winner for her solo comedy performances.

Rick Foucheux

Rick Foucheux, a past Burke parent has appeared on fine stages across DC for the past 26 years.  His roles include Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman at Arena Stage, Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Theatre, Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof at the Olney Theatre Center, Claudius in Hamlet at the Folger Theatre, and Erie Smith in Hughie at the Washington Stage Guild. He is a company member at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company.  He received the Helen Hayes Outstanding Lead Actor Award in 2000 and 2006.  He has also taught at GWU.


Scott Kineson has also starred in numerous productions across the DC area, including recent, key roles in: From Berlin to Sunset; 1776 and Pirates of Penzance.  Scott is also the COO of the Atlas Theater on H Street, NE.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Party!

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Game Day

Those who know the Organization well know that we have an unyielding love for board games, engendered long ago in 8th grade by Daniel Running. By board games I don’t mean Monopoly or Life or Scooby Doo’s Mystery Mansion, but stuff like Diplomacy and Warrior Knights and Games of Thrones. In the past we’ve often used Burke to play games on the weekend, and I guess we’ve always assumed that it was okay to, especially since Daniel was with us. Turns out we were wrong. Or perhaps someone was just feeling left out.

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Ode Upon a Grecian

Today’s mailbag brings us a bit of lyrical verse from an anonymous poet from the Burke period.  Hey, John Keats – put that in your urn and smoke it!

Be sure to attend The DAVIDS!!  You can still save a spot by clicking here.

And keep those cards and letters coming!  If you haven’t yet created your artistic, poetic or literary masterpiece – there’s still time.  You can click here to learn more.  Please create yours today!

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Click image below to enlarge…

And here begins the first part of The Org‘s Tribute to David Shapiro. This particular strip was inspired by the madness that is dodgeball on Founder’s Day. There’s a special kind of stress that I associate with cramming two teams of around 35 people onto the gym floor to duke it out in a brutal dodgeball match. In such a crowded and noisy environment it’s very easy for refs to lose track of those hit, which can lead to many (justified) accusations of cheating. And, of course, if anyone can shed some light on such insanity, it’s David Shapiro. Keep in mind that this conversation never actually occurred, but, as Puck said in issue 19 of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, “It is still true!”

[ED: Don’t forget to RSVP for the Davids by clicking HERE – Koaly, the author of The Organization, is “officially” attending!]

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300 (RSVPs... so far)

300 of your closest Burke celebrities have already RSVP’d to attend The DAVIDS on June 10.

So, make sure to reserve your spot now along side other parents, faculty, alums, students, family and friends by clicking here.

Don’t be the last Spartan to sign-up after today’s deadline…

Among the Burke stars and legends of stage, screen and classroom who will be joining with you to celebrate the work done by David, faculty and staff over the past 12 years:

Studio Execs: Dick Roth, Jean Mooskin & Walter Ailes

Actors & Actresses in a Leading Role: Daniel Running, Lucinda Leach, Thew Elliot, Pam Herath, Jeremy Edwards, Cynthia McCarther-Parker

Supporting Character Actors & Actresses: Donna Orem, Marilyn Milloy, Andy Klingenstein, Joanne Hurt & Bob Hartheimer

Rising Stars: Julia Wessel, David Dulaney, Michael Bender

Stage Prodigies: Asia & Alea Goodridge, Mathilde Arandia, Ellie Robb and Becca Salky

And many, many more.  Come join us and make it a cast of 1000’s!  Click here to see all of the attendees’ names in lights!

RSVP Today!!

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From Dick Roth

Today’s mailbag brings us a short and sweet note from former Burke co-head, Dick Roth.

Don’t wait!  Make sure to RSVP for The DAVIDS by clicking here.

And keep those cards and letters coming!  If you haven’t yet created your artistic, poetic or literary masterpiece – there’s still time.  You can click here to learn more.  Please create yours today!

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