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ess“People know how to take a course. But they need to learn how to learn,”
This quote was featured in a recent article in the Washington Post about skills that college graduates need to succeed in the workplace (Click here to read it.) While it came from an executive at Xerox, it could easily have been said by anyone committed to progressive education. At Burke we teach our students to think independently so they can make decisions about their educations, explore their own interests, exercise their organizational and collaborative skills within group activities, and balance the demands of their classes, arts, athletics, and school life. In the Post article, the vice president of Enterprise Rental describes this generation of young people as having been “syllabused” all their lives. He’s describing the way that many students in traditional settings have all the decisions made for them. They just have to learn the material and repeat it on the exam. As you know, this is a far cry from what goes on in a Burke classroom. Our mission is to give students power and responsibility, and we expect them to use it to make choices about what to learn, how to learn it and when to apply it. This approach has been supported by research, both neurological and educational. And we know it translates into success in middle and high school. Judging from what we hear from our alumni, it’s an approach that serves our graduates well in college and beyond.


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